GForce Software Tease New OB-E Monster Poly

US Cheeky bait and switch      20/02/21

GForce Software are known for their forensic and faithful recreations of classic analogs, and as we know, they've been quiet for some time. That's presumably because they've been working on something new.

In this video posted yesterday evening, Dave Spiers starts out by talking and demonstrating the Oberheim 8 Voice SEM  which we know he's a big fan of (see our Sonic Live  SPECIAL where Dave brought it down for a look) they have (previously owned by Chick Corea no less).

Its a loving delve into the finer points of the amazing Unison mode, but with a twist at the end, none of the sounds were actually the hardware, the end tease being:

None of this one done on this 8 Voice, it was all done on OB-e 

Followed by a brief screen shot of the forthcoming instrument.

GFORCE Software OB-e

Stay tuned, formal announcement coming soon:

GForce Software Social

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