Two New Abbey Road One Libraries From Spitfire

Legendary Strings and Sparkling Woodwinds      18/02/21

Two new libraries announced today from Spitfire recorded at Abbey Road Studio One, Legendary Strings - focussing on epic lower registers:

Deep, powerful, and even threatening, Cello and Bass sections from London's leading players provide you with incredibly detailed and beautifully orchestrated performances. A range of versatile patches including marauding short notes, powerful longs, and Spitfire Audio's new easy-to-use legato patches, enhancing vitality and realism still further.

Priced at an affordable £49, its a 7.5GB footprint using the Spiftire audio engine

And also Sparkling Woodwinds  - also priced at £49

This stunningly orchestrated woodwind section, performed by London's leading session players, lets you create everything from beautiful, reflective passages to sprightly runs using our new, easy-to-use legato patches. This new selection includes the classic movie pairing of woodwinds and glockenspiel, adding energy and intrigue to your score and allowing you to lose yourself in the magical world of woodwinds. And with our new methods for capturing these legato performances, the virtual instruments are vital and alive.

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