Today Novation Announce Something Circuity

4pm UK is the big reveal      09/02/21

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In time honoured fashion Novation have been teasing something which all comes to head today at 4pm via the Novation socials and Youtube.

We can honestly say we don't know explicitly what that is, but we are pretty sure its something to do with the Circuit - their excellent little groovebox with four drum sample slots and two synth engines. Introduced back in 2015 (yes really!) for many it was a gateway into electronic music - like so many grooveboxes before it and since, it give easy access to musical sketches. Its also had some substantial firmware upgrades and while of limited storage, the cloud based project management has also been pretty innovative.

So today's big announcement may not just be a new firmware update, from the teasers, especially the last one, we are assuming a new Circuit model, it appears to have more knobs (2 rows of 6?) and new buttons. But aside from that, we're as much in the dark as you are.

The big reveal is a 4pm today (UK) so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (links below)

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