Arturia Reignites Their Fuse Interfaces

US Firmware updated and two new effects added to the AudioFuse Creative Suite      29/01/21

Arturia Reignites Their Fuse Interfaces

Arturia has announced firmware updates that enhance sound quality and workflow for their Fuse line-up. They have also added software titles in the form of two new FX for AudioFuse Creative Suite. The Phaser BI-TRON and Chorus JUN-6 modulation effects expand it to 10 software instruments and effects.

New Features

  • MacOS Big Sur compatibility
  • Refined analog signal path
  • ADAT compatibility improvements
  • Refined clock performance
  • Minor bug fixes


Pricing and Availability:
All AudioFuse users can login and download Firmware now to unlock the latest features, free of charge.

More information:



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