Free MPE Presets For Many Synths

Sensel releases express MPE for 5 virtual synths, 1 hardware synth and 2 DAWs      22/01/21

Free MPE Presets For Many Synths

As part of NAMM's Believe In Music week, Sensel has released express MPE, a free set of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) presets for five different synthesizer plugins (Aalto Kaivo, Quanta, Pigments, Serum), two DAWS (Bitwig and Live 11) and one hardware synth (ASM Hydrasynth).

A spokesperson told us, "These presets are available for free as part of our mission to spread the word about MPE and make it more accessible to artists everywhere. There are 5+ presets for each synth, all designed for MPE. There's percussion, pads, leads, etc. They are great sounds, and also excellent for learning how to design for MPE."

Sensel has set up a landing page for this pack that has the information, links to examples, and tutorials. They also have a Youtube playlist with a ton of great video examples.



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