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US Check out the discussion video on the R1, ISA 828 MKII, ADN2 and ADN8      22/01/21

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Recently Focusrite held an online streaming discussion spotlighting new products and checking in with industry pros. The session was dubbed "At Home, At Home," emphasizing how Focusrite's products are properly suited to any work environment, and the conversation was led by Pete Tilley (Focusrite Pro Education and Post-Production Sales Manager), Dave Rieley (Focusrite Pro North American Sales Manager) and Matt Pliskin (Focusrite Pro Broadcast and Immersive Audio Sales Manager).

Viewers were able to hear how to improve their home production quality and efficiency with the world's most versatile pro-quality recording and monitoring solutions, ensuring that Focusrite's Red, RedNet and ISA Ranges will feel right At Home, At Home. Specifically, viewers were able to learn how to supercharge their workflow by remotely controlling preamps, I/O matrix, and monitors on the fly, and they were able to get their questions answered with a live interactive Q&A after each presentation.

Up first in the conversation were presentations on the new Red 8Line Thunderbolt™ 3 audio interface and RedNet R1 desktop remote controller. This was followed by a roundtable discussion with immersive audio experts Ceri Thomas (Dolby Laboratories), Rob Burrell (GRAMMY®-winning mix engineer) and Steve Genewick (staff engineer at Capitol Studios and three-time GRAMMY nominee), all three giving valuable insight into the Dolby Atmos format and emerging industry trends around it, including a discussion on Atmos workflows in a home studio environment.

Up next were product presentations on the new Focusrite ISA 828 MkII mic preamp, ISA ADN2 two-channel AD card and ISA ADN8 two-channel AD card. This was followed by a one-on-one interview with GRAMMY Award-nominated and Juno Award-winning music producer and engineer Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine), discussing how he transitioned his workflow from commercial facilities to a home-based setup called "The Farm" -- a RedNet-powered studio nestled within the coastal forest of British Columbia. The session was capped by a performance from folk-pop duo Lance and Lea.

Dave Rieley remarks, "Our At Home, At Home program offered a comprehensive look at our latest product offerings in the Focusrite Pro range. We were fortunate to be able to call upon the expertise of some of our key end users – Garth Richardson, Ceri Thomas, Rob Burrell and Steve Genewick – who shared their real-world knowledge and experiences with our viewers. As we move into 2021, we look forward to more interactive resources and relevant content."

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