Streamlined And Affordable NUGEN Plug-Ins

US NUGEN Audio to release Elements versions of the Focus Bundle plug-ins      21/01/21

Streamlined And Affordable NUGEN Plug-Ins

NUGEN Audio has announced that it will soon make available its Focus Elements solutions, which are ideally suited for small/home studios. They say that, powered by NUGEN technology, these offerings are budget friendly, streamlined versions of the brand's popular Focus bundle plug-ins. The first to be released to the public will be Stereoizer Elements, a stereo width plug-in that adds depth to stereo and mono mixes.

Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio, told us, "Focus Elements bears the hallmarks of NUGEN Audio quality: providing clear, real-time visual feedback to enable rapid control choices. With our Elements plug-ins, beginner, independent and at-home producers and mixers will have access to the same powerful algorithms used in all our software via a streamlined, straightforward interface."

Nugget Audio says that Stereoizer Elements provides instant stereo enhancement with the assurance of superb mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts. "Like the traditional Stereoizer software, the Elements plug-in affords users a more coherent sound, with polish and spatial balance, to ensure a mix will sound great in both stereo and mono. Stereoizer Elements is a perfect introduction to creating a feeling of natural space or for pushing the envelope for a full, super-wide expansion of the stereo image."

The Focus Elements plug-ins are available for both Windows and Mac OS in 64-bit AAX, VST3, AU and AudioSuite formats. Monofilter Elements and Stereoplacer Elements plug-ins are also currently in the works.  

Pricing and Availability:
NUGEN Audio Stereoizer Elements will be available for $49 USD (+tax).

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