Podcast: Sonic TALK 653 - KORG

US Pretty much all of it...      21/01/21

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72:2 mins


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00:00 Intro/Hellos
07:00 Korg ModwaveFreeze Machines from Sonicstate
14:35 iZotope.com/sonictalk save 10% with SONIC10
15:20 Korg 700FS
23:32 Korg ARP2600M and Behringer 2600 Grey and Blue
35:25 Korg Drumalogue Drum machine
43:05 WaveState SE
48:45 Gadget VR
55:48 Behringer VC3 Prototype
1:01:10 SSI New VCO chips
1:06:50 Kurzweil K2700
1:08:28 Wrap and goodbyes

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