IK's New UNO Synth Pro Leaked

Bigger, 3 oscillator with dual filters and paraphony      13/01/21

After a product leak from US retailer Sam Ash, IK Multimedia have brought forward the release of their new UNO Synth Pro and Desktop models to right now.

The new UNO Synth Pro comes in two models, the larger Fatar keybed equipped UNO SYNTH PRO and the UNO SYNTH PRO Desktop.

The original UNO Synth (*see our review) packed a lot of analog into a small, affordable desktop synth which sounded pretty good and was affordable at $149.


UNO SYNTH PRO expands the features, with 3 analog wave morphing oscillators, and two state variable filters with multiple modes - both the original OTA filter and a new resonant SSI filter. The keybed is 37 key Fatar synth action with aftertouch, while the desktop has 32 capacative touch keys.

Both models are paraphonic and on the face of it share the exact same feature list, aside from the keyboard, 1/8th output vs 1/4 TRS on the desktop, plus the desktop can be configured to route the external input via the filter AND the FX section, with the desktop only via the filter.

IK Multimedia UNO SYNTH Desktop

Pricing is curious, with the desktop priced at €399, the PRO is €649 which seems quite a premium for the additional metal case, physical keys and FX routing, but there may be other factors we are as yet unaware of.


  • 3 discrete wave-morphing oscillators
  • PWM, sync, FM and ring modulation
  • Dual state variable filters with 24 modes
  • Original UNO Synth OTA filter
  • New SSI-based filter with self-oscillation
  • 16-slot modulation matrix
  • 256 user-editable presets
  • 12 studio-quality FX in 3 slots
  • Reverbs, Delays, Modulations
  • 64-step sequencer with 84 parameters
  • 10-mode onboard arpeggiator
  • USB / MIDI / CV / Gate in/out
  • Audio input to filters, FX or pass-through
  • Available in two form factors
  • UNO Synth Pro
    • Compact, stage-ready 37-key keyboard
    • Fatar synth-action keys with aftertouch
  • UNO Synth Pro Desktop
    • Ultra-portable 32 capacitive-key tabletop
    • Powered by USB or powerbank

Available for preorder, it is scheduled for shipping this quarter, though exact dates are not yet published.

More information: www.unosynthpro.com 


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