How To Network In An Industry In Turmoil

Webinar to take place on January 13th      08/01/21

How To Network In An Industry In Turmoil

KMD Productions is presenting How to Network in An Industry in Turmoil, on Wednesday, January 13 at 11:00am PST. The webinar, featuring panelists Tony Baraz, Wendy Parr, and Mike Dias, is the third in their ongoing Turmoil series. Here's their press release with the details...

While networking is an intrinsic part of every business, it is even more critical in the music and entertainment industries, observes industry veteran and KMD Productions founder Karen Dunn. "Even in 'normal' times, networking has been essential to shaping one's career in the music business," Dunn remarked. "Now that most of our business has moved online, we want to address ways in which people can successfully leverage these networking skills in the digital world."

Dunn, whose more than two decades in the music industry includes being Event Director of the NAMM Technical Excellence and Creativity Awards, will be joined by Tony Baraz, a DJ/Producer and industry veteran who has worked with Guitar Center and Serato, as well as on music productions with artists like Stevie Wonder and Biz Markie; Wendy Parr, an award-winning songwriter, vocal coach, educator, and public speaker; and Mike Dias, a pro audio and consumer electronics professional and lauded thought leader on customer relationship management and technology marketing.

Panelists will share their insights on best practices for helping form meaningful connections and nurture career-spanning relationships, both online and offline, how each of them has adapted to the "new normal," and some of the tools and tips they are using to stand out in this new 2D environment. The 30-minute panel will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

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