Audient Launches New Look And Products

US Two iD audio interfaces and the EVO Start Recording Bundle      06/01/21

Audient Launches New Look And Products

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As the world of audio continues to evolve, audio tech company Audient does the same, marking the next chapter of its journey with a brand new look and website, alongside the launch of three new products.  

"This represents a significant step in Audient's evolution. Designing products that balance audio excellence and innovation continues to drive everything we do. Redefining our visual identity underlines our dedication to these ideals and helps to lay the foundations for what we hope will be a very bright future,"  says marketing director, Andy Allen, leading the charge.

To honour Audient's brand transformation, the next generation (mark II) of two iD audio interfaces iD4 (MKII), iD14 (MKII) have been released, along with the brand new EVO Start Recording Bundle.

In order to continue providing the best product proposition to its customers, Audient has taken this opportunity to make significant upgrades to the audio performance and feature sets of both iD4 and iD14, making sure they are now comparable with its most powerful interface, the iD44.

Both iD4 (MKII) and iD14 (MKII) now provide 120dB of dynamic range on the DAC's and ADC's, representing a huge step up in audio performance and ensuring users experience professional audio performance. As well as the improvements to the audio specs, new features have also been added.

iD14 (MKII) is now completely bus powered via USB3.0 and benefits from the addition of dual headphones outputs, two extra line outputs and a USB-C connection, making collaboration, connectivity and portability that bit easier. Whilst iD4 (MKII) is now USB3.0 bus powered with a USB-C connection, both models now sport a modern gun-metal finish.

Andy says, "Our customers can now enjoy improved audio performance, additional features and a stunning new aesthetic design. The best part is that both iD4 (MKII) and iD14 (MKII) come in at the same price as their predecessors, so they also get better value for money."

At the same time, Audient's sub-brand EVO by Audient launches the EVO Start Recording Bundle. This comprises the EVO 4 audio interface, the SR1 large diaphragm condenser mic plus shockmount and the SR2000, monitoring grade headphones.

"EVO 4 was designed for beginners and pros alike. This bundle is simply an extension of that. Here you have absolutely everything you need to get started - right down to the cables - in one easy package ready to just plug and play," explains Andy. "Using the Smartgain to set your levels and controlling your session via the free EVO Control App on your computer, producing music or content couldn't be simpler."

Pricing and Availability:
Pricing for iD4 (MKII) is UK £138 inc VAT; Euro €149 and US$ 199 MAP. iD14 (MKII) is UK£199.99 inc VAT; Euro €229 and US$299 MAP. EVO Start Recording Bundle is UK£199 inc VAT; Euro €220 and US $249 MAP.

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