Control Your Synth With Light

ADDAC System Light to CV Eurorack Module offers greater expression and sonic exploration      05/01/21

Control Your Synth With Light

ADDAC System has announced its first Eurorack module for 2021. They say that the ADDAC308 Light to CV is a distinctly unconventional module. This module -- measuring just 4hp -- actually converts incoming light into two bipolar CV Streams, using an external light sensor, which is enclosed in a jack socket in order to be used with any standard jack cable. This can be placed anywhere outside the Eurorack frame.

A spokesperson told us, "With its Light to CV module, ADDAC System extends its Expressive Controls series, which provides synthesists with the tools to control their sounds through unconventional means. This can result in inspirational -- if sometimes unpredictable -- sonic outcomes when combined with other Eurorack modules."

The two bipolar CV streams include the output signal (more light = higher CV output) and the inverted output (more light = lower CV output).  There are several ways that users can adjust the CV Output's signals:

  • Sensitivity: Adjusts the light sensor sensitivity to light. The Higher the sensitivity, the better the module will respond to low light situations
  • Response: Three fixed settings (medium/fast/slow) set the slew applied to the raw signal coming from the sensor.
  • Gain: Sets the gain for both outputs
  • Offset: Adjusts the offset for the main Output.
  • Inverted offset: Adjusts the Offset for the Inverted Output.

Separately, ADDAC has unveiled its ADDAC218 Attenuverters utility, described as a powerful 4hp Eurorack module, which by definition enables users to attenuate and/or invert the polarity of a signal. Yet another module in the ADDAC200 family of CV Utilities, this module features three independent attenuverters -- each with its own input, output and dedicated 13mm knob.

Pricing and Availability:
Both models can be ordered directly via the ADDAC System website or purchased through ADDAC System's network of authorized dealers.

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