New Sounds For The Sequential Prophet X

Geosynths releases X-Plorations Vol 1 bank of 128 patches      24/12/20

Geosynths has released  X-Plorations Vol 1, a new bank for the Sequential Prophet X. It contains 128 Patches, many of which are Dual Layer Stacks & Splits. It also contains Raw Oscillator Samples of 14 Analog Synths owned by GEOSynths including:

  • Moog Grandmother
  • Behringer VC-340
  • Dreadbox Erebus
  • Moog Sirin
  • Roland SE-02
  • Moog One
  • Behringer CAT
  • Novation BS2
  • Moog Matriarch
  • Moog Subsequent 37
  • Dreadbox Typhon
  • Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S
  • Cheetah MS6
  • Sequential OB6


As usual, all of the patches are demoed on video.

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