THE OVEN In Software

Plugin Alliance introduces licensed plug-in version of hardware multi-band saturation tool      22/12/20

THE OVEN In Software

Plugin Alliance has announced a partnership with mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum and hand-wired studio gear creator HendyAmps to create a licensed plug-in version of their hardware collaborative stereo tube and solid-state multi-band saturation tool, THE OVEN. Here's the story in their own words...

As alluded to by its intriguingly-titled Temp, Cook, Burners, Sizzle, and Flow controls, THE OVEN is far from a typical EQ, but rather a vibe/ coloration/mojo box with tonal-shaping options. It is the stunning-sounding result of what happens when internationally-acclaimed mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum teams up with hand-wired studio gear creator HendyAmps.

Happily, Dirk Ulrich, CEO of both Plugin Alliance and its developmental partner brand Brainworx Audio -- himself no stranger to the virtues of high-quality audio innovation, is especially excited by the partnership prospect: "I am stoked to announce that my LA-based friend, mastering wizard, and hardware developer Maor Appelbaum has signed with Brainworx and Plugin Alliance. Together we'll create a licensed plugin version of his $6,400.00 USD THE OVEN, an amazing cooperation with HendyAmps!"

His not inconsiderable part in the proceedings notwithstanding, Maor Appelbaum responds in kind by announcing, "As a mastering engineer I am always looking to the cutting edge of what can make my sound and workflow better. Brainworx and Plugin Alliance are the go-to companies for engineers who want amazing emulations of awesome analog hardware gear. Once we had created THE OVEN and decided to get it modeled, we knew there is only one company for the job that we wanted to use, and that is Brainworx. By partnering with them, we hope that users will enjoy using the plugin version of THE OVEN on their sessions as much as we enjoy using the hardware on ours... in-the-box vibes and mojo will soon be available for the DAW world to consume!"

Continuing to sing the announced partnership's praises, Maor Appelbaum adds, "The community surrounding Plugin Alliance is one of a kind, and we are excited to be part of it for many years to come!"

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