Focusrite Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface Ships

US 58-in, 64-out Red 8Line I/O is now available      22/12/20

Focusrite Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface Ships

Focusrite has announced that its new Red 8Line – a 58-input, 64-output, Thunderbolt™ 3 audio interface – is now available for ordering. The Red 8Line features two Red Evolution mic pres, independent L/R monitor outs, eight balanced line analog inputs and outputs; up to 58-in, 64-out DigiLink I/O; 32 channels of Dante® I/O; 16-channel ADAT input and output (at 48kHz), and stereo S/PDIF input and output. As with other Red interfaces, Red 8Line features professional-grade 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A conversion for no-compromise recording and audio playback.  Here's more details direct from Focusrite...

The Focusrite Red range is the best choice for professionals who work in Pro Tools™ | HD and other DAWs – on both Mac and PC. With both mini-DigiLink and Thunderbolt 3 connections, it's possible to instantly switch between Pro Tools and other DAW applications without the need to reconfigure your audio settings. Simply changing the host mode either in RedNet Control software or with Red 8Line's front panel controls lets users change DAWs in seconds. This ability to quickly switch between production environments means that moment of inspiration will never be lost, nor clients left waiting.  

Red 8Line features the latest implementation of Thunderbolt 3, with Focusrite's session-proven, ultra-low-latency, rock-solid Thunderbolt drivers. This speed provides the flexibility to use DAW plug-ins in real time, letting users harness the processing power of their DAW to track through plug-ins and record virtual instruments. With two Thunderbolt 3 ports as standard, it's also possible to daisy-chain Thunderbolt devices, such as third-party plug-in accelerators, hard drives, external 4K displays, processing units and Thunderbolt hubs.  New Windows 10 Thunderbolt drivers make Red 8Line compatible with PC-based audio systems equipped with Thunderbolt 3.  

On-board Dual Dante ports enable connection to the industry-standard Audio-over-IP protocol, for easy expansion and interoperability with the Focusrite RedNet family of interfaces and with AoIP equipment from hundreds of manufacturers including Neve, Yamaha and DiGiCo. Twin mini-DigiLink ports provide connectivity directly to Pro Tools | HD cards, with no need for device expansion. Digital synchronization is facilitated by Loop Sync and Word Clock I/O. The two Red Evolution remote-controllable mic preamps provide up to 63dB of ultra-clean gain, with phantom power, high-pass filter, phase reverse and Air mode lets users invoke the sonic signature of Focusrite's classic transformer-based ISA Preamp. Dual front-panel instrument connections ensure immediate access for DI input, even when racked.  

Along with its eight line inputs and outputs on DB25, Red 8Line's extensive analog I/O features independent L/R monitor outputs plus two high-fidelity stereo headphone outputs powerful enough to drive high-impedance headphones. Red 8Line has built-in monitor control for mono, stereo and multi-channel monitoring environments up to 10 channels, including 7.1.2. Compatibility with the new Focusrite RedNet R1 desktop remote controller allows even greater flexibility, and customized presets for immersive monitoring environments including Dolby Atmos® RedNet Control software allows quick setup of complex monitoring and routing configurations, and control of the preamps remotely. Three color LCDs provide highly accurate level metering for any input or output block, as well as for main monitor and headphone outputs in addition to parameter display.
Red 8Line is accompanied by a software bundle that includes the Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC channel strip from the original Focusrite Studio Console, plus Red 2 and Red 3 EQ and Compression plug-ins which accurately reproduce the sonic qualities of the original Red hardware. Focusrite Plug-in Collective membership provides access to frequent free downloads from the most innovative music software brands.

Pricing and Availability:
Red 8Line is now available.

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