New Music App Promises Income

Trackd enables a monthly recurring income from music while keeping all the money fans pay to artists      18/12/20

New Music App Promises Income

Trackd, a new music platform, says that the are the first app to enable Singers, Songwriters, Rappers, Musicians, DJ's and more to earn a monthly recurring income from music while keeping 100% of all money fans pay to Artists. This is the story in their own words...

'Trackd Discover' promises music lovers worldwide, subscription-free, ad-free music with all the tools digital music consumers have come to expect from an app while also providing something unique for music fans - the chance to 'JumpIn™' and become an artist themselves - allowing them to remix their favourite songs directly from within the app!

Swipe left at the bottom to 'Flip' the app over and 'Trackd Create' is an everywhere and on-the-go recording studio in your pocket for Artists. Simple yet powerful tools allow for no-fuss, professional-quality music recording, collaboration, social sharing, and a pathway to make an income from their music.

Much like the popular apps OnlyFans and Patreon, Trackd is already making money for Artists via its 'ChipIn™' supporter platform. Otto, a Trackd songwriter winner of 2020 claimed $6,000 in the app and has since been signed with Eurythmics's frontman Dave Stewart's label - Bay Street Records. With the Launch of ChipIn™ to the masses. Trackd's founder Russell Sheffield expects thousands more musicians to earn a monthly income at a time when the music industry is in the midst of a shakeup of streaming revenues paid to musicians as well as cancellations of events, gigs, tours hitting the music industry harder than ever.

South London rapper and King of TROP Trey Gordon says "Trackd has created something called ChipIn, which allows fans to pay you for your talent, and 100% of the money goes to you! I couldn't believe it!"

Trackd Founder Russell Sheffield and his brother Justin are heirs to the renowned Trident Studios, London and commented: "We come from a family that oozes musical passion. Our Father, Norman Sheffield and his brother Barry created Trident Studios London as a hub for innovation in music - an alternative to the 'lab' mentality of rival Abbey Road. They attracted major influential artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Elton John, Queen and the list goes on.

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