John Oram EQ In A Plug-in

US Acustica Audio Opal recreates the sound of the Oram Sonics Hi-Def 55 EQ      17/12/20

Acustica Audio tells us that Opal fully recreates the exquisite sound of the Oram Sonics Hi-Def 55 EQ. A spokesperson told us, "Faithfully sampled to replicate what is possibly the most advanced system designed by John Oram, Opal incorporates all the magic that Oram Sonics has provided over the years, giving you more flexibility than ever before at the mastering stage as well as during mixing."

Acustica Audio says that the Hi-Def 55 is characterized by an extremely musical sound, made possible by an intelligently thought-out set of features which include eight bands of overlapping adjustment per channel, unique combining of shelf and bell curves, a 'detail' function, and more.

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