Eurorack Pitch-Tracking Synthesizer

Sonicsmith introduces ConVertor E1      15/12/20

Sonicsmith has unveiled the ConVertor E1, which they say features an ACO/VCO pitch tracking, expandable oscillator alongside a feature-rich, studio preamp. Here's the details in their own words...

The ConVertor E1 merges the pro-studio into the Eurorack modular synth into what can be called the ultimate "synth channel". With its pitch tracking DCO alongside a preamp with many pro features for the instrumentalists and vocalist, or for the working musician professional/sound engineer/designer. All functions in the ConVertor E1 are digitally controlled and can be saved/recalled as presets for a plug n' play, intuitive performance while leaving you with analog CV outs to continue your sonic journey. With MIDI 2.0 ready digital interfacing option, firmware and hardware expansion, and polyphonic options, the ConVertor E1 is an extremely versatile tool.


  • 2Audio / CV controlled oscillator with MIDI option
  • Most accurate, rapid pitch tracking to date
  • Pitch CV, ENV CV, Gate CV and synth audio outputs
  • Preamp with +50 dB auto-gain, Hi Z sw. (2M Ohm), HPF (25Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz), analog gain-compression
  • 1V/oct FM input with dedicated quantizer and attenuverter
  • Digital 4-pin connection to a MIDVertor E1 to enable MIDI in/out, sustain pedal, arpeggiation, and sync expansion option
  • True-sine, triangle, square and sawtooth selectable waveforms
  • 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 analog gain-compression while in VCO mode
  • 1:2 / 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 6:1 / 8:1, 32bit, ENV CV compression/expansion & attenuverter for each destination
  • 32-bit audio engine with 24-bit audio and ENV CV DAC
  • Polyphonic operation as multiple units connected to expansion MIDVertor E1


Pricing and Availability:
Available for pre-order. Limited production run - only 100 units are expected to be manufactured for 2021. Shipping late March 2021.

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