Steel Tongue Drums Sampled

US Soundiron releases Hapi Drums collection      09/12/20

Soundiron tells us that Hapi Drums is an inspiring collection of four steel tongue drums crafted by legendary instrument makers Grahm Doe & Tricia Kelly.

A spokesperson told us, "Hapi Drums is one of the oldest and highest quality steel tongue drum makers in the world, with unique body designs, tuning options and clear, rich notes that cut cleanly through clusters of carefully-balanced lush and swirling overtones. We recorded these instruments with a wide stereo pair of Neumann microphones and a binaural microphone, giving you plenty of sonic possibilities."

Hapi Drums includes a wide selection of hand-crafted textural soundscapes, atmospheric pads and ethereal drones. Soundiron says that this library also contains 20 custom sound-designed fx presets designed to inspire and get you composing your next track. It's built for the free Kontakt 6 Player and is compatible with all NKS standard hardware.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale until Dec 22nd for $49.00 (MSRP $69.00)

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