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US The charts are out..      08/12/20

Top Selling Synths On

It's the time of year for lists and charts, and as we head into the holiday season  - whatever that is given how many of us will have been given plenty of unexpected free time due to the Covid situation, have published their own top selling lists.

It's always tricky to know what these kind of lists mean when it comes to used gear of course, does it mean that people are searching more for these items, or that existing users are dissatisfied with the gear they have and it represents more of a getting rid of gear they don't want situation? 

We can't pretend to know the full truth of this, and numbers are going to be skewed because unlike many other areas of life,  the musical instrument sector has seen uncommonly high volumes of sales as people have invested more in their interests due to time off work from the various lockdowns we've experienced - the psychology of that probably warrants an entire study!

As far as top selling brands go, Korg are topping the charts in both New and Used sales, with Behringer coming in second place on the New category, and Make Noise are still the top selling Eurorack brand in orders total (new and used presumably.

As far as the rest of it, here's the data - you can decide for yourself what it means...

Reverb drum machines and groove boxes 2020

Top selling vintasge synths 2020

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