Sonic LAB: ALM System Coupe Modular System

US Curated music system      08/12/20

The ALM System Coupe is a curated 84HP Modular system that comprises some of ALM's most popular modules along with a couple of unique modules to the system. Based around their popular 8 channel sampler Squid Salmple, the system is described as a modern modular groove box. The idea being that it has everything you might need to start making music.

As well as the Squid Salmple for sound generation the System Coupe has a comprehensive digital wavetable oscillator (MCO) and a multimode filter (MCF) as well as VCA's and an Envelopes available from the Tangle Quartet (VCA) and Quaid Megaslope (Envelopes). So the system also gives you a unique, flexible subtractive synthesizer section as well.

Connection to the outside world on the System Coupe is given through the MIDI to CV interface which gives you two channels of CV and Gate with Velocity as well as a x24 clock output and run output. As well as this MIDI connection we also get a Line to Eurorack audio converter in the Milton module. This Module is unique to the system and is basically a utility module, giving you the line to euro converter, a buffered mult, an attenuator and a 3 channel unity mixer.

There are two modules within the System Coupe that demand your attention and will most likely take some time to get the most out of. This is the Squid and Pamela's New Workout. Both of these modules are deep and have a massive amount of things going on, something that you should be aware of if you want to get the most out of the system. This gives the system a longevity that will give you years of use. Since Pamela's release it has been updated multiple times, with the latest update giving a massive amount of new features, the same can be said for Squid even though it was only released in the last year. So you can rest assured that ALM will continue to support these modules well into the future.

The only thing that seems to be lacking from the system is any effects processing, however if you're about to drop £1,899 on a curated modular system then it is likely that you will have some fx of your own already, failing that you could always use your computer, everyone has one of those these days right?! This is where the deepness of the system comes into play, patched right you can actually turn the Squid Salmple into a digital delay line, with multiple taps and pitch effects. If you're interested in this aspect of the system then jump on over to our Patreon and sign up to see this patch in action along with some granular wavescanning effects.

All in all the System Coupe is an excellent system that gives you everything you might need to start making music in multiple different ways. This is the beauty of a modular system, one person could take the system and use it to make banging modular jungle, the other could use this system to do generative granular madness.

Available now: 1899, $2395


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