Octatrack Gets An Upgrade

US New OS 1.40 firmware is now available      04/12/20

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Elektron has released a firmware upgrade for the Octatrack, their 8 track performance sampler, as part of the Octatrack anniversary celebration. They say that these upgrades also benefit the MKI iteration in most cases for many features, offering new music-making options and performance improvements across the board. Here's the details in their own words...

Parameter Randomization
Much requested and massive fun: Parameter Randomization has arrived on the Octatrack, following its appearance on the Analog, Digi, and Model lines. And it's no surprise that it feels so at home on this most monolithic of manglers. With a touch of a button, you can try out wildly, randomized parameter pages and either take it off in your own direction or quickly dial it back if things go too far. Who are we kidding? This is a machine for taking things too far!

Tempo per Pattern
You can now set Tempo per Pattern on the Octatrack. Link up arrangements with different BPMs, giving you even more freedom to build dynamic and versatile compositions. Creativity at your pace.

MIDI Trig Modes
The Octatrack now has additional MIDI Trig Modes, giving you extra ways to activate your sounds. Connect a MIDI keyboard or pads to the device to play slices and sample slots with ease, and record them straight into the sequencer. A reason to be Trig happy.

Trig Preview
Trig Preview is now available on the Octatrack. Preview a specific Trig on your headphones, or the cue or main outputs whenever you want, staying a step ahead of the pattern. A super handy feature for a machine with such live performance power. Unlock even more control.

Parameter Lock Multiple Trigs
Octatrack has reached level 1.40. It has learned a new skill: Parameter locking multiple trigs simultaneously. You can now edit multiple Trigs at the same time, letting you do even more with your limited digits with a single push. Elektron superpowers, even quicker and easier.

More improvements & fixes
Plus performance improvements and bug fixes. Check the release notes for a full list.

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