Granular Synthesis Library For Kontakt

Cinesamples releases Soundscapes      30/11/20

Cinesamples says that Soundscapes opens up an entirely new sonic palette of tonal and atonal sound design through granular synthesis. They tell us that it is full of interesting textures and incorporates samples from Michael Levine, an American composer, music producer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. On Soundscapes, Michael played violin, electric violin, tenor violin, and the ciola - an instrument the size of a viola but which sounds in the same range as a cello. A spokesperson told us, "Soundscapes is a departure from our usual symphonic style and a welcome contrast and unique partner to our CineSymphony lineup."

Patch Categories:

  • Pulses (Tonal and Atonal)
  • Textures (Tonal and Atonal)
  • One Shots
  • Pads
  • Sound Design


Pricing and Availability:

On offer at $99 (regular price: $199)

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