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SOLO features a hybrid 3 oscillator synth engine and offers microtonal scales      24/11/20

TAQSIM tells us that SOLO is a new virtual instrument that authentically recreates the sound of modern world music. They say that, whether it is quickly playing presets, tweaking sounds, setting up comprehensive modulations, or trying unique microtonal scales, SOLO is designed to be easy to use. A spokeperson told us, "We've partnered with musicians and producers from around the globe to include a library of authentic sounds to help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to explore more, you can import your own custom multi-samples into SOLO."

Here's more details direct from the company...

Hybrid Synth Architecture
SOLO's hybrid 3 oscillator synth engine allows you to mix and match analog-style oscillators and sample-playback waveforms. This provides you the ultimate sonic flexibility to blend synthetic sounds with our organic wave sample set. For more options, import your own custom Korg KMP, Soundfont, and SFZ samples. Then further sculpt your sound with the onboard Moog or Oberheim style -12db or -24db filter and loudness envelope.

Microtonal Makam Scales
Break free from the twelve-tone scale by dialing in world microtonal scales with an "oriental-style" scale converter. SOLO ships with a huge library of the most popular scales used throughout the middle-east and the world.

Modulate in the Matrix
The flexible modulation matrix allows you to use the 2 LFO's and other controllers to drive parameters throughout the synthesizer.

Change the LFO type, rate, rate attack, depth, and depth attack to modulate the filter, oscillator, effects, and more.

Studio-Quality Effects
Use the onboard studio-quality EQ, Distortion, Phaser, Delay, and Reverb to shape your sound. These effects are designed to be used aggressively as you hear in a lot of popular world music - so slap on some heavy distortion and a ton of delay and get to it.

Pricing and Availability:

On offer at $159.

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