New Male Voice For Vocal Synth

Jay joins Lucy in Emvoice One      23/11/20

Emvoice tells us that a new male voice, Jay, is now available for Emvoice One. Jay is the second voice for the Emvoice One vocal synthesizer - the first was a female voice, Lucy.

A spokesperson told us, "Emvoice One is the world's most realistic vocal synthesiser. It uses a groundbreaking, sample based engine to create highly realistic, and highly customisable vocal parts. Jay uses the same groundbreaking vocal synthesis technique that made Lucy such a realistic voice. Working with a real singer, we've recorded individual phonemes at multiple pitches. When you program notes and type lyrics, our cloud-based engine then recombines the right samples from thousands – including realistic breath sounds – to create a seamless vocal performance that can be highly customised."

Both voices run in the Emvoice One plugin (VST/AU/AAX), and require an internet connection for use. The plugin is free to download, and gives access to demo versions of both voices, each limited to a seven-note range.

Jay features
• Runs in the Emvoice One plugin
• Natural range: E1 to C4
• Extended range: C1 to C5
• Record MIDI data from your DAW or controller
• Program realistic glissando and vibrato patterns
• Choose from pronunciation options or create your own words from phonemes

Pricing and Availability:
Jay is available now for $139, rising to $199 after an introductory sale period.
Lucy is also currently on sale for $139.

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