Behringer Introduces SWING MIDI Controller

Pretty much a 1:1 copy of Arturia's Keystep      23/11/20

Behringer has introduced SWING, a 32-Key USB MIDI controller keyboard with 64 step polyphonic sequencing, chord and arpeggiator modes. Look familliar?

Behringer's official word is: "The Behringer SWING gives you full control over any synthesizer or virtual instrument in your DAW via USB or MIDI. Featuring a 64-step sequencer with an 8-note polyphonic sequence combined with 32 compact-sized keys and pitch and modulation touch-strips provide unlimited ways to express yourself in a compact and portable package."

As many other sites have mentioned, this is a pretty clear copy of the Arturia Keystep, and as such has raised several questions as to to why this has been released? Considering its only around €10 cheaper than what you can already buy from Arturia. The Keystep a  hardware standard and is in many, many setups already, what can be gained from this move? Its no secret that Behringer have thrived on the animosity and the publicity that this generates, but have they gone too far? Even the comments on their own Swing release video appear to be  largely negative, you may notice that Like/Dislikes are hidden...


Pricing and Availability:
$99 / 89 Euro

More information:


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