Polyrhythmic Drum Sequencer For VCV Rack

Geodesics Vultiverse releases Hexaquark quantum chromodynamic trigger sequencer      18/11/20

 Geodesics have teamed up with developer Vult to launch the Geodesics Vultiverse brand which has introduced Hexaquark, described as a quantum chromodynamic trigger sequencer for VCV Rack. This is what they have to say about it... 

Hexaquark is the first module of the premium VCV Rack collection Geodesics Vultiverse, created by developer Leonardo Laguna Ruiz from Vult DSP and designer Pyer from Geodesics.

HEXAQUARK is a polyrhythmic drum sequencer with 6 channels, expressive velocity, and dynamic envelope outputs.

A tool to write micro beats by composing with virtual particles, antimatter, uncertainty, and quantum void...

- 6 channels with trigger and CV output (modulation, velocity, or dynamic envelope)
- 4 pages of 16 steps per channel, with 6 scenes recallable with CV
- 12 microsteps per steps for all kinds of tuplets
- beat skipping, polyrhythm, and probability on all levels
- virtual beat particles for temporary or permanent randomisation

Pricing and Availability:
Available on the VCV Store for $15 as an early adopter price, before more modules get added to the collection.

More information:






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