Folding Cabinet For MU Modular Systems launches the QCF22 22-Space Folding Cabinet      12/11/20

Folding Cabinet For MU Modular Systems has introduced the new QCF22 22-Space Folding Cabinet. It is available as a cabinet only or as the TB22++ Thought Box 22-Space System which includes everything you need to get patching.  Cabinet, Power Supply, Modules, and cables are included, and the system can even be closed while patched when using the company's QPA cables

QCF22 Features:

  • Solid wood sides coated in black bedliner for water resistance and durability.
  • A one-of-a-kind hinge and latch system that make the cabinet easy to open and close.
  • Built in power harnesses and prewired power so only one power connector is needed.
  • A balanced design for steady and ergonomic patching.
  • Handles on the side for easy maneuvering when folded.
  • Utilizes Box11 cabinets which have built in multiples and LED power indicators.
  • Uses a QPS5 or QPS6+ for power.
  • Optional QCFB Soft Case


Pricing and Availability:
QCF22: $470.00
TB22++: $4,240.00

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