Acousmatic Engine - A New Kontakt Instrument

Sci-Fi noir, Lovecraftian horror and steampunk sound explored      27/10/20

Jeremiah Savage, creator of several Kontakt instruments previously released with Native Instruments including Kinetic Metal and Kinetic Toys, has launched a new company called Cymatic Form along with a new Kontakt instrument called Acousmatic Engine. This is what he has to say about it...

Introducing Acousmatic Engine from the creator of Kinetic Metal and Kinetic Toys.

Probing the uncharted realms of Sci-Fi Noir, Lovecraftian Horror and Steampunk sound worlds with 500 surreal and thematic Kontakt Instruments.

User Interface:
The Warp Wheel (the heart of Acousmatic Engine), allows you to store 3 variations of each instrument and record automation of movements transitioning effortlessly into new sonic dimensions. These variations greatly expanding the sonic depths of each sound, allowing them to breathe and come alive. 6 Macros allow you to assign any parameter for individual preference for finely tuned performance control.

Expert Mode:
Explore deeper into the interface to manipulate sounds and create your own imaginative presets. Each instrument offers 8 channels of unconventionally sourced, dynamically layered samples plus 8 channels of multi-dimensional sampled synthesis. There are 3 pages of effects including Shape, Color and Ambience. Quickly and easily sweep through combined effects such as Spectral Filters, Distortion, Modulation and Spatial parameters using the visual XY Effector display.

Within the 3 stylistic themes (Sci-Fi Noir, Lovecraftian Horror and Steampunk), Acousmatic Engine offers 5 instrument types:

  • Aerophones: Wind instruments and anything that vibrates with air pressure.
  • Friction: Anything that acts as resistance of one object or instrument moving over another to produce sound. Bowing, scraping, even pad-like sounds, etc.
  • Struck: Instruments that are percussive such as bells, pianos or anything that is struck to produce sound or noise.
  • Soundscapes: Sounds that may or may not be tonal and give a sense of environment or mood.
  • Machines/Movements: Arpeggiator and sequenced driven patterns or other movements.


Acousmatic Engine  is a distinct set of thematic instruments with unique sonic lusters, articulations and textures that shape concept and sound design into unique playable instruments and soundscapes across music and film genres.

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