Undertone - Ambience And Texture Generator

Audiokids releases a new AudioSuite plugin for dialogue editors and sound designers      21/10/20

Audiokids has launched Undertone, a new AudioSuite plugin for Pro Tools. They describe Undertone as a semi-random ambience and texture generator, sound multiplier and drone maker, based on granular and convolution synthesis. Here's more details in their own words...

A revolution for dialogue editors: easily create realistic and living backgrounds to fill your editing in just a few seconds.
The sound is evolving and dynamic and always very close to the audio source, thanks to our highly customised granular engine.
With a few hundred milliseconds of sound, it is possible to create constant tones and dynamic backgrounds: rain, wind, traffic, constant and evolving noises, it just works. Multiple sound sources can be used at the same time to create even more complex backgrounds and textures.

Undertone is also a powerful tool for sound designers and musicians: up to 10 samples are randomly selected by our granular engine to create drones and realistic backgrounds, complex soundscapes and dynamic sound design, from mono to 7.1.2.


  • Undertone requires an iLok account and an iLok 2 or 3 dongle.
  • Undertone is a Pro Tools only (version 11 or greater), 64-bit AudioSuite plugin.
  • This release supports MacOS 10.10 or greater.
  • A Windows 10 version will come later.


About Audiokids
Audiokids was formed by three sound editors and mixers, Davide Favargiotti (Call Me By Your Name, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, We Are Who We Are - IMDB), Mattia Persico (The New Pope - IMDB), Fabrizio Cheloni (I Medici - IMDB), with the goal to develop new software and plugins for sound post and music.

Pricing and Availability:
Full price is 199 Euro (tax excluded).
A 15-days trial is available.

More information:






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