Wavefront - Now Connects CV To Any Bluetooth MIDI

Genki Instruments Updates Module      16/10/20

Wavefront - Now Connects CV To Any Bluetooth MIDI

Genki Instruments make  Wave - which is a Bluetooth equipped wearable ring that enables gestural control via MIDI to control a myriad of devices and software. They also make Wavefront which is a Bluetooth Eurorack reciever module, originally designed to work with the Ring, but has now been updated to work with any Bluetooth MIDI.

Wavefront is available now priced at $199 - the update will be dropping tomorrow.

Our Wavefront Eurorack receiver is now able to connect not only Wave, our expressive ring controller, but ANY Bluetooth MIDI device to a modular system, so people can use their phones, laptops, and tablets to interact with their setup. What this means is that people can step away and play their patch from a distance and control their Eurorack in creative ways.


The new possibilities include:

  • Use a phone or tablet as an XY pad with TouchOSC layout
  • Use Wave to trigger/gate modules
  • Connect standalone hardware to a modular synth without cables
  • Use a computer to automate CV through Ableton Live
  • Use a keyboard to interact with a modular setup



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