Rare Plucked Electric Piano Resurrected

Sampleson's Klavee virtual instrument recreates the Czech Klaviphon      15/10/20

Sampleson tells us that their new VI, Klavee, is the virtual restoration of a gem - the Czech Klaviphon. A plucked electric piano manufactured in the 60s in the Czech Republic.

They say that there's no other Electric Piano like this one and it's never been recreated into a virtual instrument, until now. A rare-piece specially made for electric piano collectors.

A spokesperson told us, "The Czech Klaviphon is almost extinct. No parts can be found online and just a few of them still alive. This is why we wanted to make a virtual version of it. To keep its unique sound for further generation of musicians."

Sampleson says that KLAVEE was built upon spectral modeling, assuring perfect tone matching with the original instrument.

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On offer at $29 (Regular price: $49)

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