Smart Shaker Sequencing

Klevgrand's Skaka is designed to enable limitless loop making      14/10/20

Skaka is a new percussion plug-in from Klevgrand, which they describe as a sample-based sequencer that supports a fast workflow and at the same time gives the user a possibility to take control over details.

A spokesperson told us, "What's unique with Skaka is that its audio engine and sequencer handles samples with a defined musical start which makes it possible to set the intended timing of each shake in a natural way."

Skaka comes with 8 multi-sampled instruments (consisting of ~2500 samples) and 12 independent sequencers. The Skaka sequencer and sample player engine are built from the ground up with respect to the needed parameters and features for playing and interacting with percussion sounds. Each event added to any of the 12 independent sequencers can control multiple parameters like pitch, velocity (as in how fast the instrument is shaken) and envelope. It can also be synchronized to the tempo and playhead position of the host application.

Klevgrand says that the set up results in a percussion tool that gives you full control of shuffle/swing amount, a complex humanizer settings panel, internal awareness of in- and out shakes (yes, they sound different), using grids divided into triplets/quintuplets/septuplets, time fine-tuning and variable sequence lengths. They believe that Skaka can get very close to how a human percussionist would sound in almost any tempo without any use of degrading time stretching or similar techniques.

Pricing and Availability:
macOS / Windows (AU/VST/AAX plug-in): $24.99 (50% off intro price until 1 November, then $49.99)
iPad (AUv3 plug-in): $9.99 (50% off intro price until 1 November, then $19.99)

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