Podcast: Sonic Talk 639 - Ducking Techno

US Aphex synth, Superbooth 21, 1010, 1010 Bluebox      14/10/20

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62:57 mins


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00:00 Intro and hellos
09:16 Superbooth 2021Freeze Machines from Sonicstate
19:17 MIDI 2.0 update
28:40 iZotope.com/sonictalk SONIC10 save 10%
29:20 1010 Music Bluebox compact digital mixer/recorder
40:40 Aphex Twin Novation collab
49:39 Magella Implexus Complex desktop synth
56:30 Elta Music Solar 50 - 10 voice 50 osc synth
01:00:00 Goodbyes and wrap

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