Glissy Steel Lamellophone For Kontakt

Soundiron releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: The U      14/10/20

Soundiron tells us that Hopkin Instrumentarium: The U is a glissy steel lamellophone from the creative mind of master instrument builder Bart Hopkin. A spokesperson said, "This library takes the series into new realms with an array of articulations that are truly unique in sound. It has a fascinatingly liquid and metallic timbre, ideal for your next horror score or composition that needs something special. You'll also find a wide collection of playable tuned and untuned articulations, sound-designed ambiences, textures, pads and drones that take the concept beyond its source material and into the realm of pure imagination. Along with mallet & hammer strikes, taps, knocks, scrapes, slides and bounces." 

Hopkin Instrumentarium: The U is made for the Kontakt Player 6.1 or higher.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale until Oct 27th for $29.00 (MSRP $39.00)

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