Erica Synths Announces Black VCO2 Module

US Analogue VCO with four simultaneous waveform outputs and one octave down suboscillator      13/10/20

Erica Synths has announced the arrival of the Black VCO2 analogue VCO. The Black VCO2 is an analogue VCO with built in SAW waveshaper and two modulation LFOs. 

A spokesperson told us, "As the latest in the Erica Synths Black Series modules, the Black VCO2 extends the capabilities of the original Black VCO.Notable features include a one octave down sub oscillator, a saw waveshaper with manual and CV control, highly accurate tracking and stability across 8 octaves and many other items."


•    Simultaneous sine, triangle, saw and pulse wave outputs
•    -1 octave suboscillator
•    Highly accurate and stable tracking across 8 octaves
•    Saw waveshaper with manual and CV control
•    Manually adjustable and CV controlled pulse width
•    Exponential/Linear FM input with an attenuator
•    2 built-in modulation LFOs
•    Synchronisation input
•    Octave switch – 7 octaves
•    Skiff-friendly design

Pricing and Availability:
The Black VCO2 is available now for €230.

More information:



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