Superbooth 2021 Outside Plans Unveiled

US And a guitar show too      12/10/20

Superbooth 2021 Outside Plans Unveiled

This year's Superbooth show in Berlin was a purely online affair - we were official media partners for Superbooth Home Edition, it was great, but not like being there of course.

This weekend, Herr Schneider uploaded a video outlining plans for the 2021 Superbooth which uses a lot more of the Fez parks and woodland - we didn't know there was quite so much to the site. Check out the video to see more of the plans. 

Soopergrail 21

The show it scheduled to run from  May 5th-8th 2021, but prior to that there's going to be a guitar focussed show SOOPERGrail from April 30th to May 2nd. 

an international conference, trade fair and exhibition for guitar builders, luthiers, craftsmen and other innovative manufacturers.

We certainly hope that the world is ready for this when the time comes, we'll be gagging to get back to Berlin, its such a great venue for a show and the Superbooth team really know how to make a great event.

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