Quick Fix For Stereo Mixes

US How to use Hit'n'Mix Infinity for fixing a variety of common vocal and instrument issues      07/10/20

Hit'n'Mix has posted part 1 of their 'Quick Fix' series, which shows you how to get the best out of their software for quickly and easily fixing a variety of common vocal and instrument-related issues.
A spokesperson told us, "It's not uncommon to finish a recording session or be sent a mix, only to discover small issues that need further editing. Whether you are an artist, music producer, composer, remixer, mix or mastering engineer, audio post professional or sound designer - using our Hit'n'Mix Infinity atomic audio editor, you don't need to open your DAW to make quick fixes. You can actually make them from within a mixed stereo file itself and Hit'n'Mix Infinity is the only software that's let's you edit in this way!"

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