Virtual Show Is On Right Now

3D extravanganza - is it the future of shows?      02/10/20

Virtual Show Is On Right Now

Tonight (and the rest of the weekend 2-4th October) there's a virtual show on focussed on the world of guitars. is where you will find a selection of areas that focus on virtual versions of what you might find at a Guitar Show, if it were possible to physically be at one. It's a bold an impressive move and represents one of the first of it's kind. There are four main areas:

Exhibition - a snazzy, browser based 3d virtual tour kind of place with snazzy virtual booths with products and videos.
Showcase - where new products are unveiled - which appear to be based on a schedule of Youtube premiers (we're currently watching the Taylor Guitars new product video)
Lounge - a selection of talks, panels and presentations surrounding the world of guitars and associated gear
Mainstage - this is where there are live performances, masterclasses and instruction videos

This is a really interesting move by (who are part of the ever growing BandLab organization), the concept of creating an event - which helps focus the attention like an actual physical location. We were involved in a more ad-hoc event based around the Superbooth Home Edition at the start of lockdown. And as we know, NAMM is cancelled as are all other events that we would normally expect to visit, for the foreseeable future. Kudos to them for taking this on, its all new territory, so there's nothing really to compare it to - but its an exicting new development.
 One thing for sure, its a massive undertaking with an impressive scope. What do you think - is this the future?

A shot of the PRS stand

PRS booth at



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