Old School Electro/Lo-Fi Drum Library

Soundiron releases Breaker 2.0 for Kontakt      30/09/20

Soundiron says that Breaker 2.0 is all you need to craft truly authentic, electro-organic breakbeats and DIY-style drum grooves. A spokesperson told us, "Unleash the next wave in hi-fi/lo-fi by fusing the old school with the next generation! The sound is fat, dirty and raw right out of the boombox, but a twist of a knob or two and you've got a searing, brutally crisp sharp jungle kit ready to go."

The company tells us that the library has a huge collection of over 80 pristine multi-sampled drum kit and auxiliary percussion elements, all bone dry and up close, with 8 velocity layers per note giving you a ridiculously tight, rich, aggressive and punchy tone and an ultra-wide, vibrant stereo field.

This library has a fully-customizable user interface, modular FX rack and 40 custom FX presets.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale at $19.00 (MSRP $29). Sale Ends October 13th.

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