Behringer 2600 Production Line Now Rolling

US Its on the way      30/09/20

Another of the Behringer synths is now in production. According to shots posted on the Behringer Facebook Page - some PCB's for the Behringer 2600 are being assembled right now:

2600 is now in production. The baby is getting ready 

These photos were posted of the PCBs being lovingly gloved on the production line. Its amazing how little "stuff" there is on them - the faders and sockets being the main bulk of it.

Behringer 2600 PCB 1


Behringer 2600 PCB 2

The Behringer take on the Arp 2600 - one of the holy grail synths for many, will be rack mountable, and has a lot more blinky lights than the origina - notes the Odyssey mod style LED fader caps. In this video  from January 2020 (at the Banaheim Convention Centre), Patrick from Behringer introduces Rob Keeble who's the lead engineer on the project and we see it for the first time.

We have no information on pricing or availability for the 2600 re-boot, but we suspect it will be significantly less expensive than the limited edition Korg 2600 re-issue.


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