Arturia PolyBrute - 6 Voice Analogue Poly - It's Official

US It's big and it's bold.      15/09/20

Leaks are so hard to manage these days, and I think anyone who had an interest in any kind of synthesizer knew this was coming, but today is the day that Arturia announce the PolyBrute.

Its a 6 voice, analogue poly synth with 2x Brute oscillators, the Steiner Parker and Ladder filter combo we saw in the MatrixBrute, 3 env, 3 LFO, Seq/Arp and 3 quality digital FX.

First up - apologies - we didn't make the deadline, it was just too much to do in time for the full review, so we've posted this preview video instead - you'll have to wait a a few more days, but you can enjoy the other Toobers videos in the mean time.

The PolyBrute has more than a couple of uniques features, first up is the Morphee - which does look a lot like the Expressive E Touche, but isnt, you get X/Y/Z modulation controller which can be used to control the morph between the A and B sides of a patch - they are almost completely independent patches apart from they will share the same FX and same 32 Mod Matrix (a la the MatrixBrute). There's also a Ribbon controller, 5 octave aftertouch (channel only) equipped keybed, and something called the Motion Recorder for recording a single parameter tweak into a one shot or looping playback thingummy jig.

It sounds very beefy. Capable of monster low end mono voices and hauntingly beautiful or impressive poly patches dripping in FX.

And the price?, Well its not aimed at the low end, but neither does it cost the earth (well that's all relative I guess). £2250/€2499 UK is what this will cost you - they call it expansive, rather than expensive, and will be shipping in 

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