Dark Ambient Sounds For Your microKORG

US Oversynth releases Background Radiation for microKORG, microKORG S and MS2000      10/09/20

Oversynth tells us that their new Background Radiation sound pack explores the dark meditative side of your original MicroKorg, MicroKorg S, or  MS2000 synthesizer.  Here's the details in their own words...

This sound pack contains 128 custom sound patches for the original Korg microKORG, microKORG S, and MS2000 synthesizers.  To use this sound pack, you will need one of these synthesizers, a computer running either the MicroKorg Sound Editor App or a dedicated SysEx App or DAW with MIDI capabilities, two 5-pin MIDI cables, and a traditional 5-pin MIDI interface for your computer.  Full installation instructions are provided on the product page as well as in the product download.

'Background Radiation' is a collection of dark atonal textures, long-sustaining drones, pads, and mellow arpeggios.  The arpeggio sounds can also be used with an external step sequencer by simply turning off the patch's arpeggiator.  The sounds in this pack make heavy use of the synth engine's patch matrix, LFOs, DWGS, Cross Mod, Ring Mod, AM, FM, and bi-timbral features to really push the limits of what is possible with these machines.  In addition, there are also a few utility drum patches (bass drum, snare, hi-hat, etc.) at the end of the pack to round out the sound pallet.


Pricing and Availability:
The sound pack is sold as a digital download and is available for $11

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