Yamaha YC-61 Sounds Only Demo

More than an organ      04/09/20

Yamaha's YC 61 feels a bit like a logical extension of the Reface range, which when first released wasn't all that well received but as time has passed have become more and more popular - a slow burner for sure.

The YC 61 starts with a performance based Organ emulation (hence the YC)  which uses a new VCM Organ Engine with physical drawbars. VCM stands for Virtual Circuit Modeling  - technology developed by Toshi Kunimoto  AKA Dr "K" , also responsible for the VP and VL instruments and Digital Consoles..

But there's also a dedicated piano section with acoustic and electric pianos, plus a synth section too. Designed as a stage performance instrument together with interactive FX, Rotary, drive, reverb it's a very hands on instrument which is a nod to the Reface philosophy.

In terms of functionality, it's going up against the Nord Stage 3 and as such has a waterfall keybed - making it suited to organ playing techniques, but the added sections giving a much wider range of sounds.

Our Sounds Only demo is handled by Jim Heywood aka @earmonkey_music and takes into some unexpected sonic territories.

Yamaha YC 61 is available now priced at around £1500/$1999



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