VCMC And CV Thing Modules Upgraded

1.2 firmware for the voltage controlled MIDI controller and CV to MIDI converter      02/09/20

VCMC And CV Thing Modules Upgraded

Befaco tells us that new 1.2 firmware for VCMC and CV Thing is available. Here's the details in their own words...

This new firmware is full of new features like polyphonic mode, labeling of each control, 14 bit CCs, save memory expanded to four slots and a great Web editor to configure the modules and create your own presets from your MIDI enabled browser!

A bunch of bugs have been fixed as well as lots of stability improvements and visuals of the menus.

The new code is shipping in the new units currently in production. The firmware can be easily upgraded as the bin files are available in our github. Also, source code is available for the brave to dive deeper in these machines!

See a full list of changes here:


  • New Polyphonic mode added.
  • Changed save structure. Now there are four save spaces available.
  • 14 bit CC implemented.
  • Web configurer available here.
  • Controls now can be named. List of common names is available as well as a list of user defined names.
  • Velocity now applies to notes sent via Gates.
  • Digital functions can be mapped to CV inputs
  • Changed clock handling.
  • Changed Sysex structure to improve compatibility with MACOS
  • Panic can be mapped to gates
  • RTC initialization removed from mk20dx128.c to avoid startup issues on high loaded systems (applied to Bin file)
  • Default mapping fixed to match manual and Bitwig script.
  • Gates are no longer visualized in the screen as redundant.
  • Some minor visual tweaks on menus.
  • Improved stability on menus.Now configuring during performance is not disturbing usability.
  • Calibration ranges change depending in input range.
  • Calibration is not resetted when changing Input range.
  • In Note mode now you can choose the time for the Note OFF
  • Fader readings are smoother now.
  • NRPNs values can be set now in decimal format.
  • Fixed code to improve SPI screen compatibility.

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