New Collections For Orchestral Composition

US Best Service releases The Orchestra Complete 2 and TO - Horns Of Hell      28/08/20

New Collections For Orchestral Composition

Best Service has released The Orchestra Complete 2 and TO - Horns Of Hell, which they say are the next giant Leap for digital orchestration and cinematic scoring. Here's the story in their own words...

With "The Orchestra", "The Orchestra Complete" and "TO - Strings of Winter" a very simple approach to orchestral composition became reality. At last, it is possible to compose ensemble sketches with minimal effort in a playfully and simple way, as well as complex orchestral arrangements. This core features made our "The Orchestra" family one of the most popular the virtual instruments worldwide.

Today we proudly present two new Best Service products from the "The Orchestra" series.

The Orchestra Complete 2 as the flagship of the "The Orchestra" product family combines the force of the original 80-piece orchestra with additional articulations and powerful features. It now includes not only "Strings Of Winter" but also brand new "Horns Of Hell". On top you will get new features like additional presets and multi-instruments, a revised preset browser, MIDI export and more requested features

In this revolutionary all-in-one package the sound of a symphonic orchestra is at your fingertips. With the groundbreaking ensemble-engine we created a super easy way for you to convert your ideas into music.

Master true brass power. Horns Of Hell covers everything from shining brilliance to the ultimate inferno – it's all on your modwheel! Horns Of Hell is a massive brass, organ and percussion library, including a total of 67 varied articulations. It features absolutely unique and earth-shattering sections, like the mighty Tenor Horns or the profoundly diabolic Evil Brass.

Horns of Hell Is Powered By:

  • 48 powerful brass patches from a huge 20 player brass ensemble with 28 articulations, plus all TO articulations, 5 FX and phrase patches.
  • 15 different organ registrations, recorded from two different organs in the same church, quiet and mellow to thunderous and majestic, as well as 3 playable Organ FX patches.
  • Various drums, deep hits, tubular bells and a timpani.


Naturally, it includes our highly valued MIDI-Export feature.

Pricing and Availability:

Best Service The Orchestra Complete 2 is available now for  € 459  $ 459  £ 399

Upgrades available for owners who already own a member of the "The Orchestra" family:

Crossgrade for owners of: Strings Of Winter oder Horns Of Hell     € 349  $ 349  £ 299

Upgrade for owners of: The Orchestra Complete 1    € 99  $ 99  £ 89

Upgrade for owners of: The Orchestra     € 199  $ 199  £ 175

Best Service Horns Of Hell is available now for    € 149    $ 149    £ 135

Horns Of Hell is included in "The Orchestra Complete 2

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