Acustica Expands Gold 4 Suite

US Rare 1970's EQ added to the plug-in suite emulating vintage British consoles      27/08/20

Acustica Expands Gold 4 Suite

Acustica Audio tells us that Gold 4 now includes an additional uber-rare EQ built in the '70s. The 8115 is a three-band, semi-parametric equalizer with a high pass filter.

A spokesperson told us, "The original unit is a vintage Class A/B Mic Pre-EQ with the same design, topology, and components as its illustrious big brother, the mighty 3081. These modules were standard in small broadcast consoles, yet the version we sampled reveals more of a 'modern conception' behind it. It is a stereo unit, converted to mono for Gold 4, in immaculate condition, that was extremely hard to source, but worth every minute we spent sampling it."

Acustica Audio describes Gold 4 as a VST/AAX/AU plug-in suite representing the ultimate choice for anyone willing to incorporate the sound of legendary vintage British consoles into their workflow.

Pricing and Availability:
Gold 4 is currently on offer at €99.
Gold 3 owners can upgrade for free.

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