Future Sound Systems MTX8 - EMS Type Pin Matrix Patchbay

US Standalone 64 point Audio matrix      25/08/20

Future Sound Systems MTX8 - EMS Type Pin Matrix Patchbay

Another design from the brilliant mind of Finlay Shakespeare's Future Sound Systems. The MTX8 Standalone Pin Matrix is a standalone variant of the MTX9 (9x9) Eurorack module, but this one is fully active and buffered, meaning you can split and sum the inputs to the outputs. This is actually pretty useful, as well as being a desktop patchbay,  it can act as a summing mixer as long as you have discrete level control of each input or output you may not require a mixer.

Loopop has done an excellent demo of the functions (see above)

It comes in two versions - one features a Tube Screamer type drive on input 1 should that be your desire (an extra £21 UK).

MTX8 is available now priced at £408 or £429 with the Preamp on input 1.


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