Steinberg's AI Spatial Mixing With AmbiDecoder

Scan your ear and it will adjust to your personal space      20/08/20

Steinberg have teamed up with ambisonics experts Immerse to harness the power of AI to create profiles (HRTF) for Ambisonics mixing - using your phone to scan your right ear  - this is sent to their cloud based ear-mapping AI. This is then used to create your own personal HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) ensuring the listening experience is tweaked to your specific ear accoustics - it makes it more "real".

Steinberg Multipanner

Once you have downloaded your HRTF, if you create a 3rd order Ambisonics Bus in Cubase or Nuendo, then put the AmbiDecoder plug-in across the Control Room bus. Now you will have a tailored monitoring experience.

Any tracks in your mix will have the Multi-panner control for Ambisonic spatial positioning which you then monitor via headphones through the plug-in for an immersive mix.

Especially useful for those working for game or Virtual Reality production using Nuendo or Cubase, Immerse is available via the Steinberg Web store for €189.



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