Two New Affordable Apollo Solo Interfaces from Universal Audio

Apollo Solo TB and Apollo Solo USB      11/08/20

Two New Affordable Apollo Solo Interfaces from Universal Audio

Universal Audio today announce two new models for the Apollo range, both feature twin Unison mic preamps and on-board DSP to run input processing for both recording path and mix processing.

The two new units are Apollo Solo (Thunderbolt) and Apollo Solo USB, both use the USB-C type connector  though the Apollo USB connects only through USB 3.1 and requires external power as opposed to Thunderbolt 3 which supplies power also. Both also have a single UAD DSP chip for running real-time processing plug-ins. These two units appear to be designed for those who want to record 2-channels only, or who need a simple, portable system to compliment a larger studio based UAD system.

The Apollo Solo USB is designed for Windows users and so does not come bundled with the new LUNA recording software which is currently Mac only.

Both are priced at $499 US

More information at:

Apollo Solo (Thunderbolt) Rear:

Apollo Solo Thunderbolt

Apollo Solo USB rear:

Apollo Solo USB rear

New Apollo Solo USB Features:

  • Desktop 2x4 USB audio interface for Windows 10 with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz
    audio conversion 
  • Unison mic preamp and guitar amp emulations from Neve,® API,® Manley,® Marshall,®
  • Fender,® and more
  • Realtime UAD Processing allows near-zero latency tracking with classic UAD plug-in
  • effects, regardless of software buffer setting
  • Includes studio compressors, EQs, reverbs, and guitar amp emulations, and more as
  • part of "Realtime Analog Classics" bundle
  • Best-in-class headphone amplifier for loud, detailed, low-noise monitoring


Apollo Thunderbolt Specific Features:

  • Desktop 2x4 Thunderbolt 3-powered audio interface for Mac and Windows with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion
  • Bus-powered connection to Mac and Windows Thunderbolt 3 computers for easy
  • portability and reduced cable clutter
  •  Includes LUNA Recording System - a fully-integrated recording application made for
  • Apollo (Mac Thunderbolt only)


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